WILDGOOSE Vietnam Map Products

We produce and offer various digital maps for GPS navigation systems. Maps are in different technology for different kinds of GPS systems. Vectormaps are only available for Garmin navigation devices. Rastermaps are available for Garmin, CompeGPS TwoNav, Oziexplorer and others.

Vietnam Landmaps Routable topographic roadmap with contourlines and searchable global index for GARMIN GPS receivers. Separated POI database. Vectormap in gmap format. This map product is compatible with all Garmin GPS models. This map is a legacy product. Check out in details section.
Vietnam Openmaps This map for Garmin GPS receivers covers whole Vietnam and is based on OSM-database. It is compiled to a ready-to-use container format for user on Garmin GPS units and must only be copied to it. Only for Garmin GPS receivers.
Vietnam War Package This package is a complete Vietnam War Package for Garmin GPS receiver. The package contains of the Vietnam Landmaps and the Vietnam Openmaps, as well as of the Vietnam Topo 50 which is the Topographic Line Map in scale 1:50.000 used by the US Armed Forces in the Vietnam War. Additionally a point-database of Vietnam War places, in both gpx and gpi format.
Vietnam Watermaps Maps for use on the water. Primary designed for Garmin devices for navigation on sea or inland waters.

This section can cover different map products.
Vietnam TOPO50 Paper-based Topographic Line Map in scale 1:50.000 of the US Army Map Service in digital raster map format.

Raster map available in these formats: ECW, GeoTIFF and JNX (Garmin raster map).
Vietnam AIR500 Paper-based Tactical Pilotage Chart in scale 1:500.000 of the US Army Map Service.

This map product is available in ECW raster format and in JNX format for Garmin GPS units.

Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Digital Elevation Model of Vietnam for your navigation or GIS application. Provides a 3D-view of your Vietnam maps.

All digital map products are available as download.

On special request we also produce other map products according to your needs or map products of other countries. In case of interest please let us know your needs and we will inform you about possibilities.