Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

The Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of Vietnam provides digital elevation data for your compatible navigation or GIS application. With the DEM you can view your Vietnam maps with shaded relief or as a 3-dimensional map. The DEM provides you elevation data for created waypoints and routes.

The DEM of Vietnam works seamless together with any Vietnam map and can be used with any navigation or GIS application supporting DEMs. Please refer to your navigation or GIS application about usage of DEMs. The DEM of Vietnam is based on the SRTM-3 digital elevation data. Currently it is available as USGS DEM format or as Arc Ascii Grid Data format. Please ask for other formats of this DEM.

Screenshot DEM
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Screenshots of another application using the Vietnam Topo50 together with the Vietnam DEM:

Screenshot DEM Screenshot DEM
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Available data formats:

  • USGS DEM data format
  • Arc ASCII Grid data format

Sample files can be downloaded here:

USGS DEM data format: Sample_DEM.dem
Arc ASCII Grid data format: Sample_DEM.asc

These sample files cover the same area like the sample files of the Vietnam Topo50.

If you need another data format for the DEM please ask for custom data formats.