Basic Course

Orientation and Navigation with GPS

The Basic Course is recommended for owners of GPS receivers who have no or less experience with GPS navigation. This course provides you the knowledge which is necessary to use a GPs receiver in the field. It is no matter which kind of GPS receiver you own because the kind of use of GPS receivers is always the same. This course is not a unit-instruction, it is not a subject to explain a particular GPS receiver.

Previous knowledge is not necessary. Some fundamentals about how to use a map and a compass is of advantage because even if you navigate with a GPS receiver cartographic knowledge is necessary.

The course contents the following issues:

  • Overview of the NAVSTAR Global Positioning System
  • Errors within the system
  • Cartographic basics
  • Reference- and coordinate systems
  • Overview of the different GPS receivers
  • What can I do with the GPS receiver - the basic functions of each unit
  • GPS and map
  • Waypoints, routes and tracks
  • UTM and MGRS
  • Overview of the possibilities how to use the GPS together with computers
  • Exercises of simulated situations on a map

You get the course and exercise documents before starting the course. Please bring your GPS unit (if available), a liner and a pencil to the course.

The duration of the course is about 4 hours, price of the course 80 EUR. Group prices on request. Time and date will be appointed individually. Location is Vienna or Ho Chi Minh City.

Support also after the course:

If you use your GPS receiver after the course in the field there will come questions too. Of course you will be supported also after the course (by email or phone) if you have any questions.

If you own a GPS receiver and dont know how to use it or you just like to use your GPS receiver more efficient, just send an email to and I will contact you as soon as possible. Individual training and a special education program is possible.