Course overview

Here you find an overview of standardized courses and trainings. If you have special demands nearly all is possible on request.

Course Content Price
Basic Course In the Basic course you learn the navigational and GPS-related knowledge which is necessary to use your GPS receiver correctly. There it is no matter what kind of GPS receiver you have.
Content of the course are built-up of the NAVSTAR system, how the NAVSTAR system works, basics of carthography, coordinates and geodetic grids, functions of the GPS receiver, how to use the functions of the GPS receiver, as well as an overview of computer-assisted navigation.
The duration of the course is about 4 hours and will be performed as private tutoring.
80 EUR
Advanced Course The advanced course is related to Garmin GPS receivers only. Here you learn how to plan tours, assemble mapsets, develop own custom POIs (only for Garmin x-receivers), manage your geodata and assemble mapsets of free available maps from the internet.
Land Navigation This course will be developed ...
Offroad Workshop The offroad workshop is a full-day workshop consisting of the basic course before noon and practial exercises in the afternoon. This course only on request. 90 EUR
Special Courses Special course for navigation with GPSr for military and SAR units. This course fulfills the needs of such units when deployed. For further interest please contact us. on request
Personal Coaching At the personal coaching you determine what issues you need and what you like to learn. The course program will be adjusted to your needs. 25 EUR/h
Digital Map Design In this course you can learn how to develop and design your own map. Learn how to produce ditigal maps by yourself from the beginning till the finished map product.