Knife defense and knife fighting

Seminars for knife defense and knife fighting are parted in several levels and teaches you the correct and professional use of the knife. You learn how to deploy the knife in emergency situations and how to have a better chance in defending against a knife fighter. Handling and techniques are adjusted to real street conditions.

The seminar Basic Knife Skills 1 begins with simple basic techiques and introduces you to the base and the principles of knife fighting. In simple exercises you learn to handle your knife and to get a feeling for the issue. The seminar Basic Knife Skill 2 and upwards will built up on this seminar.

Seminar curriculum amongst others (Basic Knife Skills 1):

  • Grips
  • Basic slash and thrust techniques
  • Defense against knife attack in long range (Long Range Defense)
  • Defense against knife attack in short range (Close Range Defense)
  • Unarmed defense against knife attacks
  • Blocking and disarming
  • Drill exercises for better knife handling