Self Defense

Krav Maga has been developed for real conditions on the street. This seminar covers the principles and basics of Krav Maga and gives you an understanding of selective and easy to apply techniques.

Learn how to encounter conflicts in the right way and to use Krav Maga for self defense concerns.

Seminar curriculum amongst others:

  • Theory of self defense
  • Principles and basic techniques of Krav Maga
  • De-escalation and escalation
  • Rules of behavior and conflict psychology
  • Avoiding conflicts
  • Defense against punches and jabs
  • Release techniques (wrist release, collar release, choke release, clinch release)
  • Defense against unarmed attacks
  • Defense against armed attacks
  • Defense unter changing conditions
  • Punchtraining
  • Detecting the weak points of the attacker