Self Defense for Women

Women are more endangeres as men because of their weaker physiology and their social circumstances. And although we are awake to the hugh violence against women we often handle this fact as negligibility.

This seminar has been developed especially to the needs and abilities of women. Here the women learn how to evade violent situations, how to defend against violent attacks and how to resist stressful situations. Furthermore the women learn how to defend against armed and unarmed attacks as well as to disengage themselves from conflict situations by striking back.

An important topic is to hitch-hike especially in eastern european countries. Therefore we also instruct how to escape from a moving vehicle and how to defend against rapes and surprise attacks.

The curriculum of this seminar consists amongst others:

  • Topic danger on the streets
  • Fear and reaktion to fear
  • Prevention and de-escalation
  • What to do when the chips are down (escalation)
  • Tactical behavior in conflict situations
  • Psychology and play-acting
  • Victimhood and offender
  • Basics of self defense
  • Simple and easy to learn defense techniques
  • Release techniques (wrist release, collar release, choke release, clinch release)
  • Additional possibilities for self protection
  • Defense using everyday objects
  • Punchtraining

This seminar is applicable for women and girls over 14 years old.