Knife Fighting and Knife Defense

The knife as defense and attack weapon. Omnipresent on our streets the knife is a high risk for your safety. At the one side it is extremly dangerous and at the other side it is applicable very quickly.

The topic "knife and knife fighting" is very controversial in our society. The reason about this is the leak of background information as well as alot of prejudices. And because of this reason it is necessary to see this topic under a realistic and unemotional view. Just so like it is. The instruction of the knife fighting is built up on this principles.

You have here the possibility to learn the handling of a knife right from the beginning. From the right grip and blade-guiding, different technics of slashes and thrusts till the defense of the opponent's knife. The instructed knife fighting consists only as much martial art as necessary for practial use. The efficiency unter real circumstances is the primary aim. For getting a feeling for the knife and the right handling different exercises from different martial art styles are required. The intuitional and soulful handling of the knife is ten-times more worthful than a perfect conducted technic.

The content of the training consists of defense technics against knife threats and knife attacks even if you are unarmed as well as using the own knife for defense and attack purpose. Theory of knife fighting, tactical behavior and risk assessment are additional skills.

Instruction and training is conducted in form of personal training (private tuition) or in courses and seminars. In case of interest or for further information please feel free to contact me.