Working Dog Training (K-9)

Our training program is broken into several levels, any of which are available to you. Obedience is the base training for all levels and all kinds of training.

Levels and kinds of trainings are:

  • Personal Protection
  • Executive Protection
  • Professional Protection
  • Scout Dog
  • Tracking Dog
  • Patrol Dog

Obedience (included in all levels of training)

This includes on and off leash obedience with hand signals.

Agression Dog

This includes controlled attack designed to produce a dog that is trained to attack only on command by the handler while attended. Unattended, the dog is trained to protect the confines of his or her environment such as vehicles, home or office.

With patrol dog on duty

It should be strongly noted that we DO NOT train "guard", "fence" or "junk yard" dogs. We leave that nonsense to the "Crazy Charlies". Absolute total control is the essence of our training program.

If you are interested in our training program or need further information feel free to contact us.