Self Defense Training

In consideration of the increasing threat on our streets the wish to protect is legitimate. Self-protection concepts and self-defense are a way in the right direction. Learn how to handle and survive threats of different kinds.

The here instructed self-defense system Maor Self Defense has its origin in a close combat system which was developed for the military and customized for the use of civilians. Because of being practice-oriented and with a simple concept it is applicable for both men and women. The technics are designed to achieve maximum force with a modicum of effort.

The content of the teached programm contains defensive technics as well as offensiv technics to clear a situation as effective as possible. The curriculum consists of practical defense and release technics, attack and counterattack technics, defense against armed attackers, tactical behaviour, prevention and de-escalation.

Self defense is not martial art and martial art is not self defense. A martial art is unable to teach you all the needs which are necessary for self defense. This is because many of these needs are concerning more personal security than martial art. Unlike martial arts self defense contains neither complex nor acrobatic technics. Self defense is not about to win, self defense is about to survive.

Instruction and training is conducted in form of personal training (private tuition) or in courses and seminars. In case of interest or for further information please feel free to contact me.