Land Navigation

Land navigation is an essential issue of every tactical operation. Knowing where you are and knowing where you go is part of every mission. Learn how to do navigation with map and compass and how to use a GPS receiver.

The courses are primary designed for navigation with GPS receiver as the main navigation tool. Anyway, a GPS receiver does not replace maps, so map handling is still part of any navigation course.

Subjects of the navigation course are as follows (may vary according to needs):

  • Overview of the NAVSTAR Global Positioning System
  • Errors within the system
  • Cartographic basics
  • Reference- and coordinate systems
  • Overview of the different GPS receivers
  • What can I do with the GPS receiver - the basic functions of each unit
  • GPS and map
  • Waypoints, routes and tracks
  • Creating point-(POI)-databases and their proper use
  • Creating manual and automated routes
  • Working with tracks
  • UTM and MGRS
  • Overview of computer assisted navigation and possibilities
  • Exercises of simulated situations on a map