Amnon Maor

Amnon Maor was born in 1959 in Israel. In 1977 he was drafted by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) where he was on duty in one of the elite units.

Amnon Maor was discharged from military service in 1980. After this he worked as Judo and Karate instructor for children. He graduated the Wingate-Institute and aquired the qualification as instructor in these kinds of martial art.

As the Intifada began in the year 1988 Maor joined an elite anti-terror-unit of the Israeli Police. During his whole time by the police Maor was on duty in a combat unit where he developed special combat tactics for these units: Sniping, battle in urban areas, damage assessment, raids and special techniques of Krav Maga for combat units.

Recently Amnon Maor began with the built up of the Maor Self Defense Center in Israel and abroad where civil persons can learn to defend themselves and where professionals get special information about self defense and combat.

MAOR Self Defense