Hand Shock is a self-defense tool, developed by "Maor Self Defense" system.

Hand Shock provides an instant and immediate help in dangerous and stressed situations such as assault, kidnapping, rape or other offense situations.

Hand Shock is an efficient tool, rather than other kind of defense tools: A stone, stick or bottle - may be available, but are not good enough; Metallic weapons like knuckle duster, Nunchaku, knife or baton - might cause an irreversible damage and expose the user to legal claims.

The Hand Shock is a perfect solution and will protect you in any kind of assault, thanks to its unique structure:

  • Small and light weight - small enough to be easily carried in your pocket or bag.
  • Strengthen your hand and protects your fingers, and will not cause permanent damage to your attacker, but a temporary shock and pain.
  • Comfortable grip, allows a free hand and at the same time, in will not dropped from your hand, nor get loose, while pushing or grabbing the attacker.
  • Simple and safe use -short training is recommended in order to sharpen your instinctive defense acts.

Important notice: The Hand Shock is NO electroshock device. It is just a piece of plastic material used in a mechanical manner.

Hand Shock is a registered trademark of Amnon Maor, Maor Self Defense Center, Israel.